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Are you ready to step into your power and live a life that you absolutely love? Would you like to increase your income and or monetize your passions? Are you in need of clarity regarding your next steps? Do you dread Sunday evenings? Are you ready to take the leap to start a business, but are not sure how, which one, which kind or are paralyzed by fear?

Strategize With Kimberly offers groundbreaking solutions and possibilities customized to meet your unique needs! At our core, we are honored to be the architects of transformation, specializing in top-tier education, one-of-a-kind coaching, disruptive resources and immersive events meticulously designed to help you gain clarity in next steps and to achieve your loftiest goals. We thrive in helping you create a life that you absolutely love!

Recognizing that every journey is distinct, we shatter the mold of 'one size fits all’. Our solutions are a reflection of your uniqueness, intricately crafted to harmonize with your goals, vision, and challenges. Contact us today!

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Where Fear, Doubt & The Impossible Collide With Fruition

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Our Founder

Through Strategize With Kimberly, I'm thrilled to embark on a journey with you to help you achieve your goals. As a seasoned strategist, with extensive experience in strategic planning and business consulting, over 20 years providing professional development and training, and more than 30 years crafting, organizing, executing and facilitating powerful and transformative events, we believe in doing what it takes to help you get unstuck and create the life of your dreams.

With a diverse background in organizational leadership, educational administration project management, business development and coaching, I specialize in curating impactful sessions and events to empower those without access to obtain resources and legal protections to build and protect legacy, while gaining the skills needed to increase income and build wealth.

Stay connected and up to date on the latest insights and information to propel you towards your success.

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SWK High Powered Women's Network & Events

Would you like to network with like minded individuals also on their journey of entrepreneurship? Look no further. We are ecstatic to offer two options that will help you do just that. One is virtual and the other is held in Cincinnati quarterly. Subscribe now!

Free Equal Access To Legal Experts, Advice & Perks

Everyone should have equal access, representation and legal advice, without breaking the bank and worrying about the high associated costs. Can you imagine having an attorney at your fingertips to help with personal and business needs? Members gain, in addition to equal access, perks on things that matter to you and those you love most.

Free Courses and Grant Opportunity

Free training, courses and live events from experts on topics to help you to launch and scale your business is invaluable. To get these services and information at no cost is a blessing. Verizon has created a free university that every business owner must have.

Free Mentorship

Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal mentor who is an expert in your field? You can do just that through SCORE. Score not only has free resources and classes, but you can choose a mentor who can help you in any stage of business.

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